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Malekith the Accursed ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Er ist der Herrscher der Dunkelelfen von Svartalfheim und ist mit Thor in Konflikt geraten. Er trug einmal den Sarg. Malekith wird in Naggaroth sowohl gefürchtet als auch verehrt, dies ist am offensichtlichsten im Schwarzen Rat Lebenszeit. Nach dem Tod seines Vaters​. Malekith war der grausame Anführer der Dunkelelfen, eines Volkes, das älter als das Universum sein. Malekith wurde von Walter Simonson erfunden und in Thor# vorgestellt. übermenschliche. Warhammer - Der Fluch des Malekith: Die Saga von Tyrion & Teclis Teil 3 | King, William, Rösner, Tobias | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle.


DARK ELF, HERO, MONSTER, WIZARD, DREADLORD, MALEKITH. MISSILE WEAPONS. Range. Attacks. To Hit. To Wound. Rend. Damage. Noxious Breath. ISBN Warhammer - Der Fluch des Malekith - Die Saga von Tyrion & Teclis Teil 3 – gebraucht, antiquarisch & neu kaufen ✓ Preisvergleich. Da der Film selbst für Marvel-Fans einen Tiefpunkt des MCUs darstellt, ist die Kritik vielleicht sogar angebracht. Denn der Destro- und Malekith-.

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I am the son of Aenarion. It is my destiny. All the way up through the End times he still lived with his mom , not to mention slept with her.

Malekith is a rather divisive character among the fanbase though to be fair the same could be said of many Warhammer villains , depending on who you ask he's either a badass villain with a cool design, an interesting backstory and a surprisingly complex personality or a whiny entitled momma's boy who couldn't handle not getting his own way.

Whatever you think of him it's hard to deny that he at least has more character depth than Nagash whose entire personality can essentially be summed up as "sociopathic asshole" and who committed many of the same acts of dickery Malekith did, come to think of it, for arguably far pettier reasons no less and lacks the obnoxious Mary Sue tendencies of Archaon, so he has that going for him.

Not to be confused with the shitty but otherwise similar character with the same name from the MCU. He was the son of the first Phoenix King Aenarion Who at the time, by all accounts, had become an incredibly violent and vengeful hothead and the Sorceress Morathi who, pre-retcon in 7e, was "secretly" a worshiper of Slaanesh.

Malekith's half-sister Yvrainne had already been appointed as the next Everqueen and the idea of an incestuous monarchy grossed them out not that it would later stop them from electing Caledor II, who porked his own half sister upon ascending to the throne.

Displaying a talent for diplomacy, Malekith suggested a vote. While some nobles were swayed by his words, others were not.

The majority vote went to a Prince named Bel Shanaar. Malekith appeared to take this with good grace and was the first to bend the knee, but inside he seethed at being passed over.

There was a scene where Malekith and Morathi attended Bel Shanaar's phoenix crown ceremony and everyone included the two knew that the flame of asuryan can be avoided using magic.

Morathi wasn't pleased with this since her awesome husband didn't even need some puny protection magic to step into the flame. As for Malekith, he had his eye on the flame and he wants to prove himself to be better than his old man Aenarion.

He then opted to seek fame and glory outside of Ulthuan, and made an expedition to the Old World. His first spark of fame came when he defended a High Elf colony from Orcs.

He also made friendships with the Dwarves. The first glimpse of his dark side is seen here in his 'Time of Legends' novel as he covertly has two ambassadors of Bel Shannar who'd already made first contact with the Dwarves murdered by one of his lieutenants.

Despite this he manages to become best buds with their High King Snorri, bonding over troll-hunting and becoming friends after double-teaming a Shaggoth and being unable to decide who got the kill.

There was also that time when both him and Snorri's army went to fight some Beastmens and Malekith ended up forced to solo a bunch of Minotaur included their Shaman.

It is also at this time that Malekith found the dead body of his father Aenarion under the instruction of his mother from the letter.

Malekith feel like it was his responsibility as a son to bring his father's body back to Ulthuan. There he glimps into the terrify seductive power from the sword, it shifted itself in the form of a jeweled scepter the sword change its form according to how people sees it and tried to lure Malekith into using it, but after such madness, Malekith eventually resisted its influence and forever looked away.

During the establishment of a trading agreement between the Dwarves and the High Elves, Bel Shannar arrogantly told Snorri in front of Malekith that it was his brilliance that had led to such good establishment connection between the two races, such lies deeply angered Malekith that all his hardwork were credited to such crown thieves.

Regardless, Bel Shannar still appointed Malekith as the ambassador to the Dwarves. Over the course of a few years, he became very popular with the Old World colonies through the new elf-dwarf alliance and many battlefield victories.

Around this time in 8th Edition fluff he married a Priestess of Lileath called Allisara. They were happy together for awhile but one night she had a vision about his future and left him waking up to an empty bed next morning.

He tried to find her, but then got caught back up in his obsessive research into magic. Though of course, this was just not enough.

So he decided to explore further north where he found ancient ruins full of undead this was before necromancy was invented, so not the vampiric or mummified kind.

After fighting his way through them he found an artifact called the Circlet of Iron which boosted his magical power and got a glimpse of the Realm of Chaos.

It is also at this time that Malekith realizing the frighting power growth of chaos, and with a pansy like Bel Shanaar leading the elven realm, their kind would surely be destroyed by the demons one day.

When he heard that the Cult of Pleasure was resurfacing in Ulthuan, he found this as a chance to increase his influence. Upon his return he was then given command of Ulthuan's armies and decimated many of the Cultists.

Despite his homeland Nagarythe being the most afflicted and the source he did not relent. In one of his assaults, he discovered that surprise surprise his own mother was the leader of the Cult.

Conflicted and enraged, he practically disowned her and took the fight to the cultists with redoubled effort. At the battle for Anlec he finally cornered Morathi and the two dueled.

Later on, he emerged with Morathi in custody. When he brought his mother before Bel Shannar, the Princes, including Imrik who would later become Caledor the Conqueror , demanded her death.

Malekith who struck a secret bargain with Morathi after the duel convinced the Princes and Bel Shannar to keep her imprisoned instead which was a huge mistake.

When the time was right, he poisoned Bel Shanaar and tried to frame him as a Chaos worshipper. When the latter didn't work he massacred the majority of the princes gathered in the Shrine of Asuryan.

Wanting to prove himself as the rightful ruler of Ulthuan, he stepped into the Flames of Asuryan. Malekith realised too late that stepping into the flames wasn't such a good idea when they horrifically burned his flesh.

He barely managed to jump out of the flames, leaving himself as a mess of flesh and steel. His followers quickly escaped with his charred body and brought him to his mother, who saved him from death.

Morathi commissioned a renegade priest of Vaul named Hotek to make his iconic armor, The Armor of Midnight, which was fused into his flesh.

Civil war then erupted between Malekith and the newly crowned Phoenix King Caledor. The battle raged back and forth, with Nagarythe, Tiranoc and Ellyrion being decimated.

When Malekith was losing, he ordered his Sorcerers to undo the vortex that Caledor Dragontamer conjured years ago and unleash daemons on the elves who wouldn't serve him.

It backfired. Instead, it sank nearly all of the province of Nagarythe. Malekith and some of his followers use magic to rip the castles and the surrounding rock from the landmass and make them float on the surface of the ocean these would go on to become the city-sized ships known as the Black Arks and fled to the New World with his followers the newly named Dark Elves.

He then founded a new kingdom, called Naggaroth in memory of Nagarythe. Founding a nation was hard work, but Malekith had done similar with the cities in what later became Bretonnia.

After the cities were formed some of the nobles saw the wealth they controlled and started to rebel. Malekith planned to deal with them by force, but his mother suggested more subtle and dangerous methods.

He played the noble houses against each other and also tricked a group of rebel Druchii Lords into drinking poison and poured the last bottle of antidote on his dick jokes aside, he refused to give them the antidote until they swore unfailing loyalty to him.

During this time Naggaroth suffered from repeated attacks by Chaos warbands. Malekith ordered a series of watch towers constructed along Naggaroth's northern border to keep them out, a mostly successful idea.

The War of the Beard? He started it to prevent the High Elves and Dwarves from allying against him. This was unwittingly aided and abetted by the Phoenix King at the time, Caledor the Second, being a spoiled man-child and Dwarves putting such emphasis on beards.

At one point he got a clutch of dragon eggs; found in the Blackspine Mountains of Naggaroth by a group of Shades. They were tended to until they hatched.

Once the first dragon hatched she destroyed most of the other eggs before the attendants could stop her. Impressed by her ruthless instincts, Malekith took the dragon as his own, named her Seraphon and she was the most recent of his dragon mounts.

He regularly invaded Ulthuan in hopes of reclaiming what he thinks is his Birthright as Phoenix king.

Though he has not succeeded yet. He forbade males to become sorcerers out of fear of a prophecy which stated that he will be killed by a male sorcerer though the prophecy said sorcery, which can be used by a man or a woman.

Any who defy this rule are killed or cursed to be consumed by Slaanesh. His mother is secretly plotting to overthrow him - he, in turn, wants to kill her when he thinks he no longer needs her.

As the game progressed, much of his lore has been changed or retconned. It was implied that their relationship was incestuous, but 8th edition lore has omitted that.

Another bit of 8th edition lore says that his ex-wife Allisara regretted leaving him; she'd gone to live with her sister, the Wood Elf queen Ariel.

She still cared for Malekith and thought she could guide him down a gentler path, so sent a message to him seeking reconciliation.

He agreed. Unfortunately Morathi found out and covertly arranged Allisara's death. However, he found out Morathi's involvement a year later and nearly had her killed.

He relented and settled for imprisoning her for over a year and warning her never to do something like that again. Malekith's most recent invasion of Ulthuan prior to the End Times see below saw Malekith almost claim victory.

He and Morathi allied with some of the followers of Chaos while he struck a bargain with the Keeper of Secrets N'kari to try and kill the Everqueen.

When this failed Malekith had a case of Genre Savvy and realized that this invasion could fail, so he moved his best troops back to Naggaroth and led the charge with those left.

His champion Urian Poisonblade killed several High Elf heroes before coming down with a case of sword-through-the-heart from Tyrion secretly helped by Morathi.

Malekith ordered his forces to charge. During a sorcerous fight with Teclis, Teclis nearly killed Malekith, who fled to the Chaos Wastes aka the Warp in desperation but he was able to walk out of it after some time.

His time there changed his personality into a calmer and more sinister one. During a festival for the elven version of Slaanesh Athari, Malekith had to contend with a daemonic invasion of Naggarond led by N'kari; he forgot N'kari had a vendetta against Aenarion's descendants, due to being defeated by him, and that Malekith himself was Aenarion's son.

He also had several Dark Elf armies ally with greenskins to attack Bretonnia, softening them up so they couldn't help the High Elves.

A large number of things happened in The End Times, but the most notable is that he left Naggaroth to die for Ulthuan in a last-effort ditch to take the throne This effectively means that he no longer lives with his mom, who was taken by Slaanesh.

He died never knowing that the Cask has been reclaimed by Malekith. Using its power, he called forth Pentigaar , to go to Midgard and kill Thor.

Balder, using Thor's chariot, road towards Midgard to deliver Neffethesk's remedy for Hogun , but was attacked by Pentigaar.

Balder and the icy demon battled, until a mysterious egg is cracked open, and Beta Ray Bill steps forth. Balder and Bill defeat Pentigaar, sending him back to where he came from.

Inside, Sif at the Crimson Hawks make their stand, but to no avail. Malekith is about to suffocate Odin with a pillow, when Thor and the others arrived.

They manage to battle them off, but Malekith cracked open the Cask of Ancient Winters, blowing Thor out a window to the frozen ground below, where he sees Asgardians encased in ice.

It dawns on him what Malekith was holding, when Thor is struck from behind by Kurse. Thor went to find the Gem of Infinite Suns, which has the power to free them all, and has Sif lead Malekith away.

In Odin's bedchamber, Thor opened Odin's treasures and retrieved the gem. Using its power, Thor destroyed Pentigaar, and then frees Asgard from its icy tomb.

Thor then slammed the gem into the face of Kurse, freeing him from Malekith's spell, and used its power to close the Cask of Ancient Winters.

Thor takes the gem and wraps it around the cask, then sends them both away to an unknown dimension. Before Thor is about to smite Malekith, Sif intervenes and claims that right for stealing a kiss from her.

Years later, he was broken out of Hel by a group of Dark Elves loyal to him and returned to Svartalfheim with only one of them, Scumtounge, surviving, however, after seeing that his people has grown weak and won't accept him as their ruler, he and his followers began hunting the other Dark Elves to make them strong again.

Thor and the Warriors Three arrived in the village, and Malekith told them his intentions of killing all Dark Elves who won't follow him and cut Waziria's arm before leaving.

He eventually track her down to Nidavellir where she was hiding with the Dwarves , he attacked their fortress and eventually killed her, turning the Dark Elves into a state of chaos, Civil War and greater division than before.

He assembled various groups to hunt Dark Elves refugees in all Realms. While attacking a refugees camp in Mountain Giant territory in Jotunheim , he was confronted by the League of Realms which included Thor and Waziria, however, he was prepared for them and manage to kill Oggy the Giant.

Thor almost killed Malekith until he revealed they were now on Frost Giant territory and called upon his new allies the Frost Giants.

Since it would mean an act of war, the League could not enter the Frost Giant territories, after which Malekith and his men left with them.

Using a parasite inside Thor, which he had used to track the League, he made him attack Waziria. After it came out of Thor, Malekith battled him and the League of Realms, but before Thor could kill Malekith, the council intervened and declared that they had decided to unite their people and chosen Malekith as their ruler, which outraged Thor.

When the ceremony was held, All-Mother Freyja told Malekith that he still needed to serve his sentence for his crimes, but Waziria, knowing that the Dark Elves would most likely fight without a ruler, volunteered to serve it for him since that way there would be less bloodshed.

Malekith then named Scumtongue his senator in the Congress of Worlds. Later, on Muspelheim he and a Frost Giant made their way to speak to the Fire Demons about a league of their own.

Malekith was chosen to be the host of Mandarin 's Spectral Ring after each of the villain's ring started searching for hosts following their owner's death.

The ring attempted to influence Malekith into helping it, since they were searching for hosts to manipulate to fight Iron Man , but Malekith overcame the ring's attempts and took it against its will, after which he asked his ring for information about the other ring-wielders.

Which he did. Iron Man travelled to Svartalfheim in order to retrieve the rings Malekith possessed however, he was discovered and escaped to the woods.

He gave Terrana a special secret mission, while he ordered the others to hunt Iron Man. However, Xan and his group, were knocked out by Iron Man with a taser gun, who took the Incandescence Ring and escaped, for which the Accursed beheaded Xan.

He managed to get close enough to Snaggi to hurt her. Before Iron Man could finish her, Snaggi gave her ring to him and fled.

After fleeing from being almost-killed by the Armored Avenger, Malekith started looking for any spell which could help him defeat Stark. Terrana, who completed her mission, encountered Malekith.

However, his search was interrupted by the arrival of the other Mandarins, who had decided to confront Malekith before he could steal their rings and previously attacked Terrana.

After giving the ring to Iron Man, Malekith escaped from the Mandarin's clutches to safety, as he could no longer be located by them.

After which, the Mandarins parted from Svartalfheim. Malekith eventually discovered that the skull of Laufey was in Midgard in possession of Roxxon.

He went to Jotunheim to talk with Skrymir about retrieving it. Skrymir was hesitant with invading Midgard without their king, but Malekith told him that his spies in Asgard informed him that Thor lost Mjolnir and with that the invasion of Midgard began.

Killing two employees, he and the third one were interrupted by the arrival of Thor. Malekith taunted him about the rumors of his loss of Mjolnir, enraging him, and so they battled.

Then, the Giants attacked and restrained Thor as Malekith took his axe Jarnbjorn and chopped off one of his arms with it, claiming that he wouldn't need it now that he didn't have to carry his hammer.

Malekith took it as a trophy and left Thor to drown. Dario Agger and his inter-realm adviser Ulik the Troll. Agger escaped into his vault, and Malekith and the Giants surrounded the new female Thor , who came to stop them, at its entrance.

Confronting Dario Agger the Minotaur. Thor warned them to return to their realms, but Malekith left her to the Giants to deal with while he entered the vault, despite its magical locks.

He demanded Dario to give him the skull but he transformed into his Minotaur form and they battled. Malekith had the advantage until Agger used a magic axe, but Malekith was able to find the skull.

As both claimed their right to it, Thor, who had defeated the Giants, destroyed it. Malekith told her that the Giants would raze Earth for this but the Odinson appeared to retrieve his hammer.

Thor and the Odinson eventually came to blows before working together to defeat the Frost Giants. Odinson attempted to stop Malekith for attacking Mifgard, but he told him that technically the giants were to blame and burned Odinson's arm before escaping to Svartalfheim.

Agger latter contacted Malekith, revealing that the skull destroyed was a decoy the giants were meant to get and the two started bargaining with the skull.

Some time after the existence of Heven was revealed, Malekith became curious and started to research about it. From rumors to torture, Malekith learned of Laussa , the new heir to Asgard who had been conceived by Freyja and Odin under Surtur's fire, and Angela , the lost daughter of Odin, but that wasn't enough.

Wanting to know more, he sought the Norns and discovered that Freyja, after losing her daughter to the Angels of Heven, struck a deal with them that cursed the Angels to suffer in pain eternally in Hel following their deaths, and no one would know it because of Odin's previous curse.

Skeptical, Malekith went to Hel to see with his own eyes if it was true, finding Angels enslaved by Hela there. Serving as a vessel for Sera.

While wandering the Realm of the Dead, Malekith found Sera , [46] Angela's long lost lover who was kept isolated from the other Angels in a prison cell for being insolent towards Hela.

Sera made a deal with the Dark Elf in that he would take her ring and become her vessel in exchange for information about Angela.

As he thought he could use it to hurt Odin, he accepted. Revealing himself to Angela. After the child was purified, [49] Angela realized Malekith wasn't Sera at all and pointed her iron sword to his neck, making him come back to his original form.

She asked why he had helped prevent Asgard's fall, which he answered that Surtur as master of the Ten Realms would be worse than the Asgardians.

He then made a deal with Angela in that he would tell her how he knew everything about Sera in exchange for her silence about his involvement on this event, and she accepted.

After telling Angela everything she wanted to know, Malekith vanished with a grin. He also kept the ring to himself, despite the fact that giving it to Angela was part of his deal with Sera.

After some time, Malekith and Agger came to a deal: Dario would give him the skull in exchange for the mineral rights of all realms Malekith conquers.

Thor appeared on the roof of Roxxon Island to stop their deal, but she was attacked by the Serpent , who possessed the Destroyer Armor.

After flying away, Malekith convinced Agger to celebrate their deal in the Dark Elf way and he teleported the two of them to Alfheim where they slaughtered various Light Elves.

Using the Black Bifrost, Malekith and his allies devastated Asgard and led an all-out assault on Midgard that resulted in most of the world's heroes being forced to retreat to Avengers Mountain.

When the Valkyrior engaged him, Malekith had them slaughtered and personally decapitated Valkyrie. When four Thors - Thor Odinson, his younger self from the 6th century, his older self from Earth , and Jane Foster - arrived to battle him, Malekith bonded to the symbiote and used it to augment his dark elf acolytes; declaring himself the "Butcher of Thors".

Realizing that if the youngest Thor was killed than the present and future Thors would be erased from existence, Malekith tried to kill him; [57] but wound up in combat with the present day Thor, taking the Last Hammer of Asgard and augmenting it with living abyss to turn it into the Black Hammer of the Accursed.

Thor summoned the reforged Mjolnir and separated Malekith from the symbiote, while Young Thor lopped off one of his arms.

Unable to accept his defeat, Malekith attempted to sic his Wild Hunt and bog tiger on the Thors, but his control over them was broken by his fear and the beasts instead dismembered and devoured their former master.

Malekith's soul was sent to Hel , where he was greeted by Hela and Karnilla - who revealed that eating him had killed his Bog Tiger and hounds and manifested the piece of Malekith's soul embodying his child self.

This page was last here on 21 Mayat However, later it is revealed the true purpose of delivering the Colosseum was so he could secretly spy on sigmars greatest warriors so that he could gain knowledge of their strengths and abilities in the in his mind anyway inevitable day that he and Sigmar would go here war. Nobody was above Malekith's scrutiny, from the lowest farmer source the most vaunted prince. He agreed and made the Asgardians and Malekith swear to not attempt a rescue. You are.

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The most popular color? In eine Welt der Dunkelheit hineingeboren, führte Malekith vor Tausenden von Jahren sein Volk in einen Krieg gegen Asgard und jeder glaubte, dass die Dunkelelfen dabei vernichtet worden waren. Sign in. Kategorien :. Have an account? Die Dunkelelfen versuchten unter ihrem Anführer Malekith vor vielen Jahrtausenden bei der letzten Konvergenz das ganze Universum mithilfe des More infoeine Schöpfung Malekiths, zurück in die Dunkelheit, die vor der Schöpfung bereits herrschte, zu stürzen. Sign in with Google. Read article Settings. Etsy may send you communications; you may change your preferences in your account settings. Welcome to Malekith Only 2 here and it's in 1 person's cart. Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies malekith give you a better experience, enabling things like:. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Doch Malekith überlebte und versuchte erneut, das Universum in ewige Dunkelheit zu stürzen. Abbrechen Speichern. Enter maximum price. Gefällt dir dieses Video? Always on. Privacy Settings. Visit web page Filme TV Wikis. Forgot your password? The global marketplace for vintage and handmade items. Conflicted and enraged, he practically disowned her and took the fight to please click for source cultists with redoubled effort. Malekith had survived, however, and after going into hiding for thousands of years, he returned during the Convergence and sought to retake the Aether and use the mule eastwood clint power malekith transform the universe by plunging it back into eternal darkness. Unit size. Before his attempt could succeed, baya zardi, Malekith and his armies were finally defeated by Bor's grandson, Thorin just click for source Battle of Greenwichresulting in the eventual death of Malekith. In his hubris, malekith Flame of Asuryan burned him whole, the physical pain was nothing compared to the emotion and spiritual rejection of the God his father link served. The Hag Queen Hellebron, leader of the cult, once refused her ritual bathing, but became so decrepit and age-worn that her loyal followers had to sustain her with their own blood until she repented and bathed in a Cauldron once. Thus will the Dark King fall, slain by neither blade nor arrow but by a sorcerous power of darkest magic and so shall his body be consumed in the flames and for all eternity burn. Https:// Beginning of a dialog window, malekith tabbed gremlin to register an account or sign in to an existing account. Netflix katalog. Stream the best stories. Etsy may witt nackt you communications; you may change your preferences in your account settings. Update settings. Try Now. Mit der Hilfe des Äthers war er Thor ebenbürtig, wenn nicht sogar überlegen.

Stop it. Get some help. Either that, or Teclis was just full of shit and made up a story to convince Malekith to go back in the fire.

Or, the elven pantheon, like most polytheistic ones, tend to be comprised of massive dicks who throw their toys out when things don't go their way.

During the final battle between Malekith and Tyrion who had drawn the Sword of Khaine , and became his avatar because of an emo overload , Teclis destroyed the vortex that kept Ulthuan from sinking, and was to give his allies each the power of one of the Winds of Magic, making them "Incarnates".

Malekith was meant to be given the wind Fire but was accidentally given the Wind of Ulgu Shadow. Malekith emerges victorious, saved by Alith Anar , and throws the now-inert Widowmaker to the bottom of the ocean.

Naggaroth and Ulthuan have been destroyed though in Naggaroth's case, it's not much of a loss to him , he has a Sword of Damocles equivalent to make sure he stays good in the form of Alith Anar, and there's the knowledge that he's getting Tyrion's sloppy seconds with Alarielle - and she was far from happy with the arrangement on her end.

TL;DR He finally emerged from his mom's basement and got shit somewhat done. Pyrrhic victory is still better than getting his ass whopped and fleeing back to Naggaroth like the last few millennia.

He leads the united elven race in Athel Loren, and decides to get shit done. They purge the forces of Chaos from Athel Loren temporarily, as it's just Beastmen who are known for being the redshirts of Chaos and he outlaws the Cult of Khaine, since the Khainites had nearly ruined his plan and Khaine was technically dead.

That comes back to haunt him as Be'lakor incites an uprising of Khainite elves led by a disillusioned Hellebron and Dryads led by the corrupted Coeddil and Drycha.

During the battle Drycha realizes she was misled by Be'lakor but is killed by Malekith regardless. He also survives an assassination attempt from Shadowblade who is revealed to have always been on Hellebron's payroll and kills him.

At the Council of Incarnates, Malekith takes none of Mannfred's shit and opposes the notion of allying with Nagash and the undead, saying that bone daddy should be destroyed.

In the end, however, it makes no difference - Teclis and the Incarnates try to do a ritual super-spell to stop a new Chaos vortex from eating the world, but one of the other Incarnates gets murdered by a whiny vampire basically causing the ritual to epic fail and strip the Incarnates of their power rapidly disintegrating Teclis and slowly disintegrating Nagash.

The ritual chamber starts to collapse, and Malekith saves Alarielle from a falling rock, getting his own legs crushed in the process.

She then thanks him by making fun of him and holding hands with Tyrion while they watch the world get engulfed by the new vortex, ending everything.

After Tyrion who was resurrected by the Flame of Ulric and the Wind of Light and Alarielle get engulfed, the vortex claims Malekith too.

Interestingly, Malekith's last thoughts are about how shitty his life was while mysterious laughter surrounds him, and then all of his memories and the laughter vanish as the world goes poof.

He is now a being of shadows named Malerion and has taken up residence in the Realm of Shadows. Its important to note that his older half-brother, the line from which Tyrion and Teclis sire from, was named Morelion in the previous universe possibly meaning there's meant to be pottery regarding him being on the side of Order.

He finds his mother Morathi, also a shadow being who is served by partying Daemons now, and joins Sigmar during the creation of the Mortal Realms.

Teclis takes some of these new Aelves and tries to transplant souls and accidentally makes the Idoneth Deepkin , whom pretty much take the role of Dark Elves for the moment with a few features from the other space elves.

Oddly, some fluff implies that the souls are sourced from both Fantasy and 40k. Sort of like finding out your orange juice is made using oranges from both Brazil and the USA, except with more grimdark.

He hasn't done much since, but during the Age of Chaos he was the only known person to defeat Archaon in battle.

Seeing as Archaon managed to beat Nagash, the implication is that he's one of the most powerful gods, or at least the Realms of Shadows have given him some dirty tricks.

In the Age of Sigmar he's mostly kept himself isolated from the other factions and rarely if ever sends aid to any of the former pantheon.

He still keeps a tight grip on his own realm by keeping a close eye on Ulga various rulers and as always is involved in various schemes and feuds with his mother.

So basically its still business as usual with them. According to recent fluff he is still an asshole and is plotting with Morathi as usual.

Prior to the Necroquake they both conspired to safeguard their own realm and territories from the cataklysm, with no intention of giving any real aid to the other realms and even conspiring of how they could leverage the events to come to their advantage against the other gods.

Particularly Sigmar, whom he looks down upon as a barbarian upstart. Stating he enjoys the suffering of him and his servants, stating that was one of his ulterior motives for the Colosseum he gave Sigmar where the Stormcast kill each other in mock training battles without actually dying.

However, later it is revealed the true purpose of delivering the Colosseum was so he could secretly spy on sigmars greatest warriors so that he could gain knowledge of their strengths and abilities in the in his mind anyway inevitable day that he and Sigmar would go to war.

And given their past, and Malerion being Malerion, had the Age of Chaos not occurred they probably would have sooner or later. Recently he and the other gods were warned by Morathi that she has forseen Slaanesh escaping in the coming future, however Malerion did not seem worried and laughed at her and left.

Currently as always nobody knows what he is up to and he still hasn't made any major pushes outside his own realm So overall he is shown to be less overtly evil like the chaos gods but more much like his mother an amoral opportunist who has little interest in alliances and diplomacy.

Though overall he is still portrayed as less overtly malicious as he was in the world-that-was and did at least contribute when it interested him in building up civilizations during the Age of Myth.

With The End Times : Khaine now out, Malekith has three sets of rules for 8e; his original self from the Dark Elves army book, his incarnation as the Phoenix King, and his ultimate incarnation as the Eternity King.

He's also a level 4 caster who uses the Lore of Dark Magic. He's also a level 4 caster who uses the Lores of Fire and Dark Magic.

He trades Murderous Prowess for Martial Prowess and acquires a new special rule, The Phoenix King, which lets all friendly units within 12" make supporting attacks with one extra rank than normal stacks with any other special rules that let them do the same.

So your average 5 wide unit of non-spear-wielding Elves will attack in 4 ranks if they're near him.

This turns what would otherwise be a balanced fight which Malekith should win, into Malekith being unlikely to survive more than rounds before dying pitifully- and that's only because he's immune to the Multiple Wounds rule.

Each time Tyrion hits with his 6 attacks needing 3s but no rerolls , it'll wound auto-wound, ignore armor, and Malekith gets no ward save , so it'll take at least 2 rounds for Malekith to die, 3 if he's really lucky Word of Pain could potentially help, but not much unless you can cast it multiple times.

But in all honesty, just do what you can to keep Malekith out of that situation. For a whopping points , this ultimate version of Malekith makes the following changes to the Phoenix King version:.

Malekith Eternity King is definitely one of the most powerful single model in the game, combining an exceptionally brutal combat monster stat line with magic gear that provides both combat punch as well as survivability, as well as being a level 5 lore master of one of the best lores, with slightly built in miscast protection you still suffer the effects and boosts to casting and dispelling.

On top of that he is an excellent army support, providing a large Leadership bubble as well as boosts to Martial and Murderous Prowess.

Oh, did I mention the free Walk Between Worlds? This guy excels at pretty much every phase of the game. The only issue is that unlike the other point character, Nagash, you will find it harder to make back his point cost.

The best way to do that would be having him murder characters, monsters and monstrous units; he is one of the best things for dealing with the other monster special characters such as Nagash, Glottkin, Karl Franz Ascendent etc.

With the announcement of Total War: Warhammer 2, Malekith sporting a rather badass update to his design was confirmed predictably as one of the legendary lords for the Dark Elves.

He appears in the Dark Elves trailer, re-enacting the airlock scene from Rogue One on some unfortunate High Elves and speaking in an awesome voice.

He is arguably the strongest character in the game right now with good combat stats, enhanced lore of dark magic, and Seraphon with a strong breath attack.

Now to summarize the amount of rape he can inflict on the enemy in detail. He can literally solo an entire army with just him on Seraphon and his magic.

While flying, he can use Seraphon's breath attack to snipe out any unwanted targets anti-large spearmen, enemy lords, the shitty artillery that's killing your army from hundred yards away especially the fucking hellcannons when fighting WoC.

From amongst the ranks of these fervent worshippers, the Witch King selected the most intelligent and devoted, and they were sent to learn the arts of subterfuge and spying from the Assassins of Khaine.

When they were ready, these agents travelled, one at a time by hidden routes, to the shores of Ulthuan. They blended in with the High Elves and assumed normal lives as carpenters and smiths, as fanners and poets.

All the while, they began to spread their poisonous beliefs, and the ancient cults of pleasure began to grow again.

This time the cults were insidious and subtle, daring none of the flamboyant rituals that had exposed them in the time of Bel Shanaar.

Century by century and generation by generation, the hidden sects flourished; a dark canker at the heart of Ulthuan that remained unseen by those who reigned.

When Aethis succeeded Bel-Korhadris as Phoenix King, Malekith knew that the time had arrived to unleash his hidden agents.

Aethis was a weak-willed aesthetic. Under his reign the arts rose in prominence, and under the cover of this the cults created by Malekith expanded swiftly and struck without warning.

Kidnappings and murders blighted the cities of Ulthuan. Terror of this unseen foe gripped the land, paralysing the High Elves.

Nobles were found slain in their beds, mages disappeared from their towers and children vanished from their classrooms.

Panic swept through Ulthuan as these crimes grew in boldness and horror, until Aethis finally acted. When Bel-Korhadris had built the White Tower of Hoeth he founded a company of mystical guardians to protect it - the Swordmasters.

Unknown to either the Phoenix King or Malekith, the Swordmasters were waging a silent war against the pleasure cults and the conflict came to a climax in Lothern itself, when fighting erupted on the streets of the city between Naggarothi agents and the warriors of the Swordmasters, during which the cultists were all slain.

Forced to abandon some of their bolder plans by the persecution of the Swordmasters, the cults of excess faded back into High Elf society and continued their secretive work.

Even as cultists were uncovered and executed, more agents were dispatched from Naggaroth to swell the ranks of the cults.

Some of these were discovered and slain as soon as they landed on the coast, others slipped through the guard of the High Elves and established themselves as their predecessors had done.

This centuries-long infiltration reached fruition when Girathon, one of Malekith's most trusted agents, acquired the position of chancellor to the Phoenix King.

When his loyalties were uncovered, Girathon assassinated the Phoenix King before he was himself slain. Malekith ordered a parade and three days of bloodletting in gratitude to the slain agent.

Fleeing retribution, Girathon swapped places with an innocent servant of the court, casting a glamour upon his victim to give him the appearance of the spymaster.

It was this unwitting pawn who was tortured to death, still raving his innocence, while Girathon commandeered a Hawkship from the harbour and led its crew into a Dark Elf ambush a few miles out to sea.

Girathon continued to serve the Witch King for another three hundred years, during which he returned to Ulthuan eight more times. He had faked his own death so that he could continue to operate within Naggaroth and Ulthuan in absolute secrecy.

His personal joy was acts of sabotage, always carried out in such a way that they left evidence pointing to an innocent Elf, who would then be executed for the treacherous acts.

In the coming years, rule of Ulthuan passed to Morvael, known in history as the Impetuous. The Dark Elves were ready for the attack and the High Elf host was soundly defeated as it landed its troops.

The Dark Elves fought savagely and the massacre is celebrated as the Day of Blood. As before, Anlec became the foundation of the Dark Elves' occupation and was rebuilt over the course of a decade using iron-hard black stone from the quarries of Naggaroth.

Though lacking the sheer size and grandeur of its previous incarnations, this new Anlec was still a formidable fortress and a secure base from which Dark Elf armies once more besieged Griffon Gate.

With so many warriors lost in the attack on Naggaroth, Morvael was forced to institute a system of militia levies on the people of Ulthuan, insisting that all Elves be trained for military service.

When news reached Malekith of this development, he scorned these new troops, dubbing them cowardly bakers and farmers.

The first few levies fared badly against the vicious and battle hardened warriors of Naggaroth, but their presence ensured that Griffon Gate was always defended over the next thirteen years.

Malekith believed that the quality of his troops and the power of his Sorceresses would eventually prove too much for the garrison, and that it would be only a matter of time before the fortress fell to the army of the Witch King.

Malekith had another reason to be confident. Season by season, the dreams inflicted upon Morvael became darker and ever more disturbing, turning the Phoenix King into a nervous, gibbering wreck.

Resurgent again, the warships of the High Elves attacked the supply routes from Naggaroth to Anlec, cutting off Malekith from fresh warriors, food, and weapons.

While the battles at sea raged, Mentheus of Caledor, a renowned general, took matters into his own hands.

Mentheus gathered together an army in a desperate attempt to relieve the siege at Griffon Gate. With a host of levy spearmen, mainly from Chrace and Cothique, Mentheus marched to Griffon Gate, accompanied by a cadre of mages from the White Tower.

Over the following decades, sporadic fighting between the Dark Elves and High Elves erupted across the Shadowlands.

Here, the Dark Elves turned and faced Mentheus, determined that Anlec would never again fall. The Witch King led his army from his black chariot, and the fighting raged for the better part of three weeks.

In the final assault on Anlec, Mentheus was slain by a bolt thrower. The Dragon was eventually slain with dark spells, but by then Anlec was lost and Malekith was forced to quit Nagarythe once again, his bitterness and rage greater than ever.

The Witch King did have one final revenge. Driven mad by his dreams, overwhelmed by the terrors unleashed by the Dark Elves, Morvael committed suicide.

In the Shrine of Asuryan, the Phoenix King abdicated and hurled himself in the sacred flames to perish.

Seven Phoenix Kings had now died, and Malekith had seen them all pass, his life sustained by the dark energies of Chaos. The Witch King vowed that he would survive to see the last of the Phoenix Kings die, even if he had to wait another five thousand years.

Malekith now turned his gaze from Ulthuan, and set his sights on the wider world. Thus did Malekith decree the Age of Glorious Torment to have begun.

He bade the Dreadlords of Naggaroth take ship about the globe, sowing terror wherever they might. Competition amongst the noble families of Naggaroth fuelled a massive expansion of the raiding fleets.

Any Dark Elf with the right blend of determination, bravery and ruthlessness could make his or her fortune fighting on distant shores.

At the head of a black fleet, he travelled the far reaches of the world, wreaking ruin and bringing dismay wherever he went. For an age, the warriors of Naggaroth put aside their bloody wars with their kin on Ulthuan, to venture further and further abroad across the oceans.

Driven by the urge to gather ever greater power, Dark Elf ship captains and glory-hungry princes set out across the oceans seeking plunder and adventure.

Competition between the many family dynasties that held sway in the cities created inter-house rivalries that fuelled a massive expansion of the raiding fleets.

From the Boiling Sea, Black Arks could now raid the oriental lands of the farthest east. Yet for the Dark Elves these were uncharted territories and for each fleet that returned with prizes and slaves, half a dozen came back to Naggaroth in failure.

The most notable successes were by Laithikir Fellheart, latest in a long line of Black Ark commanders and as cunning a she-Elf as was ever born.

Laithikir had learnt to follow the High Elf ships, her Black Ark swathed in shadow and storm, tracking their ever-increasing journeys to the lands of the orient.

By shadowing the fleets of Ulthuan, she was able to raid the busy seaports and convoys that traded with the High Elves. As word of her success grew, Laithikir sold her charts to other captains, and within a decade dozens of Dark Elf fleets were attacking the settlements of the mysterious far east and bringing back tens of thousands of slaves and holds full of exotic wares such as witch jade, ivory, tigerfire, silk and spices.

Ever-eager to show off their wealth and power, the Dark Elves prized these stolen wares highly and their value soared. In the Temple of the Goddess of a Hundred Eyes, Corsairs crucified a hundred red-robed priests and took a dozen golden statues, which were presented to Morathi as a gift.

The Black Ark Citadel of Desolation sank untold fleets of unsuspecting nations and its raiders sacked entire cities. From hidden coves, Dark Elf raiders looted gold convoys and slave-traders, and brought back the riches of kings to adorn the palaces of Malekith.

At one unfortunate port, the Dark Elves encircled the town and barred all escape, before the Witch Elves were unleashed to wreak havoc within the walls.

When the armies of the Dragon Emperor arrived, the Dark Elves had already returned to sea. In their wake, they left a town empty but for heaps of dismembered and charred corpses, writhing with flies and disease.

The stones of the buildings were stained red with blood. So disturbing was the scene that the town was razed utterly and all mention of it was stricken from maps and records.

The Witch King himself once travelled to the farthest reaches of the world, and personally led many attacks. At one eastern capital, mystics called up strange illusions and beastly apparitions to assail the Dark Elves as they stormed the towers protecting the city.

Malekith unleashed his own sorceries, driving the mystics insane and boiling the blood in their veins. The city was little more than a ruin when Malekith left, and as a last contemptuous act, he summoned up a great wave to drown the remains.

To the east, the sea patrols of the High Elves were sorely beset by ever-increasing raids by wild Norsemen and the raiding fleets of Naggaroth made great sport along the coasts of the Empire, Bretonnia, Estalia and Tilea.

The commander of the Tower of Oblivion , Randelle Doomwhisper, then offered to ransom the children back to the townsfolk.

After the terrified Tileans had gathered up all of their wealth and stores, the Dark Elves stormed ashore and slaughtered everybody.

The captives were taken back to Naggaroth; to whatever unholy end none can say. The Empire, for a time, had guarded its shores well, but division and civil war had split the people of Sigmar.

In the confusion and anarchy of the following centuries, the Dark Elves found rich pickings. They even grew so bold as to raid the port of Marienburg.

Under the cover of night, the raiders unleashed a storm upon the city. The Dark Elves unloaded what they wanted and then set fire to the ships and sent them back into the harbour, destroying dozens more vessels.

By the light of the burning ships the Corsairs laughed and offered sacrifices to their evil gods and goddesses.

From beneath the Blackspine Mountains, the Dark Elves ventured further and further into Lustria to the south. They constantly assailed the High Elf settlement of Arnheim on the eastern coast of the New World and the city is now in a state of almost constant war.

Deeper into the ancient jungles, the Dark Elves discovered the soaring temples and hidden treasure vaults of the Slann and their Lizardmen servants.

Laden with gold and strange artefacts, these expeditions were greeted with celebration upon their return. For centuries the Lizardmen have launched retaliatory attacks against Naggaroth in attempts to retrieve their treasures, and the enmity between the two races remains particularly bloody.

This information in turn allowed the Dark Elves to infiltrate the courts of such realms. Some they struck bargains with, others they set about undermining in order to deny aid to the High Elves in the war that was sure to come.

Over the course of centuries, many realms experienced both the cold embrace and the wicked betrayal of Dark Elf diplomacy.

Bitterness had done little to dull the Dark Elves allure. Only in Athel Loren did their honeyed words fall upon deaf ears.

Malekith watched with grim pleasure as the tendrils of Dark Elf influence spread across the globe. By this time, the Witch King had so many informers and catspaws in other lands that he often received word of a High Elf fleet arriving at its destination before the Phoenix King did.

For more than two hundred years, the Witch King revelled in this new method of war. Indeed, so much cruel delight did these manipulations elicit, that Malekith could well have continued upon this path for many centuries more, had his spies not brought unwelcome tidings: despite their woes, the High Elves had not lost heart.

If anything, Finubar the Seafarer, the newly crowned Phoenix King, succeeded in uniting his people to a degree unseen since the days of Aenarion.

This indeed was news that could not be borne. Summoning Morathi and his closest councillors to his side, the Witch King swept from his throne room and into the storm-wracked night.

It was time for the armies of Naggaroth to vent their full fury upon Ulthuan once more — the Age of Vengeance had begun.

As the Dark Elves extended their terrifying raids to the remotest regions of the world, the augurs of Ghrond began to see stark changes within the Realm of Chaos.

The shifting inner energies of Chaos swelled with power, straining and boiling as they built up like a tide. Waves of despair and anger flowed through the miasmic vortices of raw magic, bringing scenes of death and destruction that both thrilled and chilled the onlookers.

War was coming; Chaos was coming. Such import was placed on these visions that Malekith and Morathi travelled to Ghrond to witness the unfolding scenes of slaughter and misery for themselves.

Snow-swathed fields were awash with blood, strange onion-domed towns burned with magical fire and shambling, shapeless beasts fed on mountains of bloody flesh.

Over and over the images emerged from the coruscating energies, each time a little different, a small detail or event somewhat changed as the flowing threads of fate intertwined and unravelled, changing the future.

Malekith sensed that dark times would soon be at hand and he would be ready to strike at the hated High Elves.

With the power of Chaos strengthening, more tribes of northern Marauders tried to breach the cordon of the watchtowers.

The danger of invasion from the north vexed Malekith greatly, as he could not launch an invasion of Ulthuan while the borders of Naggaroth were unsafe.

It was Morathi who turned consternation into opportunity. In a great caravan, a hundred laden wagons drawn by a thousand Cold Ones, the Hag Sorceress led an expedition into the north.

With her she took ten thousand slaves, the riches of distant kings and a coterie of Sorceresses.

Messengers were sent to the east and west, declaring that the Queen of the Elves would handsomely reward any who would fight for her.

The first tribe met Morathi with suspicion, but once they saw her cold beauty they were utterly bewitched. The same happened at the next encampment, and the next, and the next.

As word spread, tribes travelled hundreds of leagues to seek out Morathi, and she created a palace of frozen ice and jet black rock to welcome her visitors.

She lavished lustful attentions on the tribesmen and gave them jewellry and slaves. This continued for many months, until she had mustered a horde of tribesmen tens of thousands-strong.

A year earlier, these vicious warriors had been intent on pillaging the cities of the Dark Elves; now they were pawns of Morathi ready to fight for the Witch King.

Slaves in the shipyards at Clar Karond laboured through bleak winter days and nights, building immense ships of timber and iron to carry the army of northmen - the Marauders were terrified of the Black Arks, and were too clumsy to sail upon the backs of Sea Dragons and Helldrakes.

Guided by Dark Elf steersmen, this flotilla crossed the Sea of Malice to await its human cargo. West of Har Ganeth, the tribes gathered under the shadow of the Black Pillar - a towering shrine to the Chaos Gods carved from obsidian and studded with the skulls of sacrifices.

From here they embarked upon their fleet and followed the Black Arks across the Sea of Chill. The size and force of the combined Dark Elf and Chaos attack swept aside all resistance.

While the Marauders were left to burn and plunder as they saw fit, the vanguard of the Dark Elves speared into the woodland realm of Averlorn - the home of the Everqueen of Ulthuan.

The Dark Elves burnt Averlorn, razing woodland and meadow as they hunted for the Everqueen and her companion.

In Ellyrion, the horsemasters sought to fight back, but the sorcery of Malekith destroyed their army and scattered the survivors.

While Ulthuan burned, the Witch King demanded that the Everqueen be found, or that her body be brought to him as proof of her death. Four Assassins of Khaine pledged their lives and souls to bringing Alarielle to Malekith and then set out on their quest.

In the blasted lands of Averlorn, they played a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with the Everqueen and her guardian. Despite coming close on several occasions, the Dark Elves always found their prey had eluded them, but the net grew ever tighter.

Besieged, the desperate defenders held out, praying to the gods for salvation. Malekith gloried in the destruction and carnage and mercilessly crushed every army raised against him.

He would strangle all hope from his enemies, and then finish them forever. Yet a glimmer of hope remained for the High Elves, despite the darkness that had engulfed their lands.

He brought down storms of lightning upon his foes and engulfed armies with conflagrations of white flame. He was Teclis, brother to Prince Tyrion, and soon Malekith and his followers would curse his name.

The Assassins seeking the Everqueen came upon their prey one night, almost by chance. Prince Tyrion fought with savage skill and defiance, and slew all four hunters.

When the impish, bat-winged creature arrived in the camp of Malekith, the Witch King revealed his masterstroke. The Greater Daemon descended upon Tyrion and Alarielle in the last twilight hours of the night.

In the starlight stood an emaciated figure, a sword wreathed in crackling magic in his hand. It was Teclis, Magelord of Saphery.

Feeling that his creature had been banished, Malekith howled with frustration. Enraged that Alarielle still lived, Malekith turned all of his fury upon the High Elves.

The Witch Elves kept the fires of Khaine burning day and night, as they heaped captives by the hundreds onto the pyres.

In a final act of defiance, the army of Ulthuan drew what little strength remained at Finuval Plain.

Here, High Elves from every kingdom and from beyond the seas were gathered to fight their last battle. The Witch King was unimpressed by the ragtag army of Tiranoc charioteers, Ellyrian cavalry, Sapherian mages and the weary militia regiments.

From across Ulthuan, the hosts of the Witch King marched to Finuval Plain to crush the last resistance.

The host of Malekith dwarfed that of the High Elves. Beastmasters goaded gigantic War Hydras into the battle line, while Witch Elves screamed obscene oaths to Khaine.

Corsairs clad in cloaks made from the scales of Sea Dragons bared their wicked blades and hurled abuse at their hated enemies.

Sorceresses and Hag Queens cavorted in dark rituals to summon their power. And beside Malekith stood Urian Poisonblade, the most deadly warrior to have ever been raised in Naggaroth.

The two armies clashed like a tide of black engulfing a white rock. Urian cut down a score of High Elves, seeking out Prince Tyrion, who in turn claimed dozens of Dark Elf lives with his runeblade, Sunfang.

Malekith channelled ungodly energies to bring down fire and ruin upon his foes, whilst wrestling with the counterspells of Teclis. Daemons howled and gibbered as the titanic magical forces opened breaches into the Realm of Chaos, while upon the field Dark Elf and High Elf blood matted the grass and turned the ground into a crimson quagmire.

Seeing that the strength of Ulthuan could not prevail against the might of Naggaroth, Teclis sought to destroy the Witch King.

The Elven Mage whispered a prayer to Asuryan and drew on the power of his staff, gifted to him by Alarielle.

With all of his prayers behind it, Teclis unleashed a bolt of energy directly at the Witch King. Realising his peril, Malekith turned all his art and power to deflecting the deadly blast, but was too slow to divert it entirely.

The bolt struck the Witch King and engulfed him with its energies. With their lord seemingly destroyed, the Dark Elves fled the wrath of Tyrion and Teclis, abandoning their armour and weapons in the speed of their flight.

As news spread across Ulthuan, the High Elves rallied to the call while the Dark Elves melted away into the shadows and returned to their vessels.

In Caledor great Dragons were roused from their slumber, while armies of High Elves marched to the relief of Hoeth and Lothern.

While the northmen fought ignorantly against the resurgent High Elves, over the following years the Naggarothi slipped away with their spoils, back to their chill cities in the north.

He has never spoken of what he endured, not even to his mother, but eventually Malekith clawed and fought his way back to the world of mortals and was found not far from the northern watch towers, his body broken, his armoured skin rent with savage gashes and dents.

Morathi nursed her son for a year, pouring all of her vile magic and malice into his soul to revive him.

In the ranting of waking nightmares, the Witch King spoke of castles of bones and forests of eyes. Gone was the raging anger, replaced now by a harsh coldness that pierces the soul of any who looked upon the Witch King.

For the last two hundred years Malekith has plotted, conspiring with seers and Daemons, seeking the time for his retaliation against Teclis and his kin.

Bloated on their victory at Finuval Plain, the confidence of the High Elves grows strong, and their daring with it.

Fires burnt as the High Elves ran amok, killing and razing what they could before stealing away into the pre-dawn shadows. Where before Malekith would have flown into a berserk rage, now he calculates the demise of his enemies with chilling ruthlessness.

His revenge against those who continue to defy him will be long and agonising. Now the Witch King sits within his chamber atop the highest pinnacle of Naggarond and gazes out upon the world.

He senses great doom and death will soon come and he stands ready to unleash his legions once more. The Witch King of Naggaroth possess a complex and tormented spirit.

To all outsiders, they see the Witch King as a cruel tyrant, a bloodthirsty King who sought to dominate the world through great acts of cruelty, malice and arrogance.

In part, this is true, for what is the Witch King if not a tyrant who revelled in bloodshed and misery to all others. Yet unlike the Druchii, whose soul is forever tainted by malice and evil born from their own desires for avarice, Malekith, through thousands upon thousands of years of pain and torment, retains a portion of what he previously was, a once proud prince of the Elven race, son of the famed Aenarion and heir to all that he has built.

In him are two parts of his souls battling for dominance, one side seeking to uphold the greatness, pride and love that his father once embodied for his people, and in the other, a darkness which became tainted by his mother's ambition, seeking to claim all that was denied to him and right the wrongs that the world cast upon his shoulder.

Once, in his youth, he truly seemed like a ruler who truly sought to protect his people and seek their adoration and love above all others.

If fate would have acted differently, this future might have come to pass. Yet the poisoned whispers of his mother had forever shattered that hope for a bright future, and through her lies and deceit, Malekith was convinced of his undisputed right to rule and took the throne by force.

In his hubris, the Flame of Asuryan burned him whole, the physical pain was nothing compared to the emotion and spiritual rejection of the God his father once served.

Taking up his persona, Malekith became certain that if he cannot rule Ulthuan, than no one else will.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Steel will be his skin and fire will be his blood, in hatred will he conquer all before him.

No blade forged of Man, Dwarf or Elf shall endure him fear. Though will it come to pass that the firstborn son of noble blood shall rise to power.

The child will be learned in the darkest arts and he will raise an army of terrible beasts. Thus will the Dark King fall, slain by neither blade nor arrow but by a sorcerous power of darkest magic and so shall his body be consumed in the flames and for all eternity burn.

Categories :. When Malekith attempted to capture Foster and regain his ultimate weapon, Frigga defended her by attacking Malekith with her sword.

The pair engaged in a brief but vicious sword-fight with Frigga putting all her might and skill into defending the young human from the Dark Elf.

Taken off guard by Frigga's fighting ability, Malekith was disarmed and defeated in single combat with the Asgardian Queen, with Frigga ending the fight by threatening to cut his throat.

Malekith discovering Frigga 's magic deception. As Frigga held her blade to Malekith's throat, the Dark Elf remained confident as moments later, Kurse arrived and restrained Frigga, disarming her and using his unbeatable strength to hold her back.

With his enemies seemingly defeated, Malekith confidently went to grab Foster and reclaim the Aether, only to discover that she was an illusion created by Frigga's magic and the true Foster was hidden safely away in another room of the palace.

Malekith's face is burnt by Thor 's lightning. Malekith called Frigga a witch and demanded to know where the Aether was.

Realizing that Frigga would not talk, Malekith allowed Kurse to kill her by stabbing her through the heart. Thor , witnessing the death of his beloved mother, angrily struck Malekith's face with lightning, leaving a permanent burn on the right side of his face.

Kurse carried his injured master and together they jumped on board a Dark Elf Harrow and escaped to their Ark before Thor and Odin could destroy them in revenge.

Malekith was taken back to the Ark where his injuries were treated while his Dark Elf forces prepared to attack Asgard again and reclaim their greatest weapon.

Kurse checked on his leader's recovery and insisted that they must attack Asgard again while the Asgardian Army were still weak after the last battle and their defenses were low, however Malekith sensed that Thor and Loki had chosen to disobey Odin 's orders and decided instead to move Jane Foster to Svartalfheim in order to draw Malekith out.

Seeing this chance, Malekith ordered his soldiers to return to their home world. Malekith and the Dark Elves locate the Aether.

Loki then told Malekith that all he wanted in exchange for his partnership was a seat from where he could watch Asgard burn as he claimed to only want to see Thor and Odin lying dead at his feet.

While Malekith considered the offer, Kurse recognized Loki as a fellow prisoner within the Asgardian Dungeons who he had seen during his breakout in the chaos of the Sacking of Asgard , confirming this to his superior.

Malekith took Kurse's word and mocked Thor as he lay moaning in pain on the ground, kicking him onto his back. As the Dark Elf extracted the Aether from Foster, it was revealed that Loki cutting off his brother's hand was actually an illusion.

Malekith absorbs the Aether for the first time. Malekith explained that the Aether could not be destroyed and absorbed it, leaving his Dark Elves and Kurse to deal with his two Asgardian opponents.

Malekith then made his way to Earth , where he would unleash the Aether into the Convergence and then finally obliterate the Nine Realms.

Malekith and the Dark Elves arrive on Earth. Arriving on Earth onboard the Ark , Malekith and his forces marched onto the ground of London where dozens of innocent bystanders ran in fear, including Darcy Lewis and Ian Boothby.

Malekith looked up where he witnessed portals in the sky opening up as the Convergence began, signally the beginning of the end of the Nine Realms.

Malekith battles Thor as he is Aether-powered. Before Malekith could begin unleashing his weapon, they were soon confronted once again by Thor , who had survived his battle with Kurse , although Loki had seemingly been killed along with Kurse.

With the Aether enhancing his power and abilities, Malekith battled Thor, absorbing the power of his lightning and throwing him through the air with great force.

Their fight quickly led to them being thrown through various portals left by the Convergence. Malekith battles Thor on Svartalfheim.

Malekith used this to his advantage as he hit him with a blast of power from the Aether while beating him to the ground before they fell through more portals.

While on Jotunheim , they were almost killed by a Frost Beast before escaping. Seeing that he had landed just beside the Ark with the Convergence in full effect, Malekith used the opportunity to begin unleashing the Aether 's power upon the Nine Realms , sucking all the light out of the Realms and causing horrific devastation upon his enemies.

Malekith made a huge burning cloud with the Aether's power which ripped apart everything in its range. Malekith unleashes the Aether 's power.

Thor returned and confronted Malekith, who casually asked if he wanted to see the end of the universe.

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Thor vs Malekith Final Battle \ Malekith Death - Thor: The Dark World (2013) [UHD 4K]


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