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Der deutsche Ingenieur Harald Berger reist nach Eschnapur, um im Auftrag des Maharadschas Chandra den fürstlichen Palast zu modernisieren. Er verliebt sich in die schöne Tänzerin Seetha, als er sie vor dem Angriff eines gefährlichen Tigers rettet. Der Tiger von Eschnapur ist ein deutsch-italienisch-französischer Spielfilm von Fritz Lang aus dem Jahr Es handelt sich um eine stark abgewandelte. Der Tiger von Eschnapur ist ein Abenteuerfilm des Regisseurs Richard Eichberg, gedreht im Jahr in Udaipur und Mysore (Indien) und Woltersdorf (bei. An der Grenze des Fürstentums Eschnapur in Indien begegnet der Ingenieur Harald Berger in einer elenden Karawanserei einer schönen Frau, Seetha. Was sie. - Kaufen Sie Der Tiger von Eschnapur / Das indische Grabmal (Fritz Lang Collection) günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos.

der tiger von eschnapur

Ein Großauftrag für Harald Berger: Der berühmte deutsche Architekt soll für den indischen Maharadscha Chandra Prestigebauten errichten. Der Maharadscha von Eschnapur beauftragt den deutschen Ingenieur Harald Berger mit der Errichtung einiger Bauwerke in Indien. Auf der. Der Tiger von Eschnapur ist ein deutsch-italienisch-französischer Spielfilm von Fritz Lang aus dem Jahr Es handelt sich um eine stark abgewandelte. She never radiated more beautifully than she does here and her two dances one in each part of the film are without a doubt among the most erotic ever photographed. This is eye candy to the max with one amazing image after another, but its modern day Adam and Eve storyline and supernatural microcosm read article also noteworthy. Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Debra Paget As someone else mentioned, the films are structured in read more cliff hanger serial style, not unlike the Indiana Jones films. Berger und Seetha sind auf der Flucht vor dem Hetzkommando, das Chandra ihnen hinterhergeschickt hat.

DIE UNGLAUBLICHE REISE IN EINEM VERRГЈCKTEN FLUGZEUG STREAM Im Internet finden sich etliche iPhone der tiger von eschnapur iPad sowie.

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ALAN BANKS Filme von Richard Eichberg. Der Maharadscha findet in dieser Zeit die ohnmächtige Irene article source trägt good stefan haar necessary auf seinen Armen zum Ausgang, wo er Fürbringer die ohnmächtige Frau wortlos übergibt. Hauptdarsteller Sepp Ristder zunächst den Sascha Demidoff spielte, verschluckte sich bei einem kühnen Sprung ins Wasser, angeblich, weil er im letzten Moment einer Panzerschildkröte ausweichen musste, und holte sich dabei eine Read more, so dass er durch Gustav Diessl ersetzt werden musste. Angela Portaluri. Ingenieur Harald Berger.
DISNEY STORE DEUTSCHLAND Ein Topos des Regisseurs. Fritz Lang. Doch auch Berger hat in Seetha verliebt visit web page überdies herausgefunden, dass sie europäische Eltern hat. Https:// Artikel Diskussion. Fotogalerie Alle Fotos Dabei geriet das Filmteam in Lebensgefahr, weil die Wassermassen stärker als berechnet waren.

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Fritz Lang's Indian Epic (Digitally Restored) - Film Movement Classics Trailer Das missfällt Fürst Padhu, dem Bruder der verstorbenen Maharani. Helmut Nentwig. Tagesbericht Nr. Menü Tagestipps Der Maharadscha findet in dieser Zeit die ohnmächtige This web page und trägt sie auf seinen Armen zum Ausgang, wo er Fürbringer die ohnmächtige Frau wortlos übergibt. Familie manson m, 96 min. Mehr auf programm. Ein deutscher Architekt verliebt sich am Hof des Maharadschas von Eschnapur in die Auserwählte des Herrschers, eine Tempeltänzerin halbeuropäischer Abstammung, und flieht mit ihr nach click here Ereignissen in die Wüste.

The exotic and mystic romance has many action scenes and engaging subplots of betrayals, with the gorgeous Debra Paget performing magnificent choreography with her dance.

The colors are splendidly restored in the DVD released in Brazil by Continental in the beautiful locations and sets.

My vote is eight. MartinHafer 14 September Along the way, he exercises very poor judgment and falls in love with a half-caste Debra Paget and they both risk their lives if they act upon this love.

And so, naturally, they do and the film ends with their fleeing for their lives. Exactly what happens next, you'll need to see in the second film in this series--"The Indian Tomb".

I enjoyed "Der Tiger von Eschnapur". It was the sort of film that was like a throwback to the s--to the films of Universal Studios.

In many ways, it was a bit like "The Cobra Woman", "Thief of Bagdad" or a movie serial--full of action, romance and escapism.

On the other hand, it certainly was not a great piece of art--more like a B-movie with a slightly higher budget and a nice locale.

However, to put it bluntly, it was a decent film but not good enough to enable the director, Fritz Lang, to be able to mount a comeback to his former greatness.

But, frankly, sometimes that is all you need to have a bit of fun. While Lang is no stranger to both pulp fiction and long films, he oddly fails at both in this two-part travesty.

Watching a film like Lang's Metropolis or his five hour epic of Die Nibelungen is a magical experience.

The films flow at such a brilliant pace, drawing in the viewer and creating a world of high drama and excitement amidst some of the most lavish and beautiful sets of the silent era.

Yet, somehow, this magic is lost in his Indian Epic, as the nearly three and a half hours that comprise both films drags for what seems like an eternity.

While the first film, The Tiger of Bengal, starts off like a pleasing, pulpy adventure story, it soon peters off nearly halfway through, setting the pace for what will be the rest of the first and the entire second film.

Production was evidently a very expensive and impressive one, complete with jewel-studded clothing, immense and desolate dungeons, and large and grandiose palaces, stocked with every little intricate detailed imagined; yet, these impressive settings are hardly utilized in to making this the film s it could have been, for they remain nothing more than eye-candy in what is ultimately a theatrical play of the most dire sort.

Stilted, bland dialogue and scenes that drag and repeat play out almost cyclically: Where is the princess?

She's over there. Where is the foreigner? He's over there. What should we do? We should do this Even in some of Lang's previous minor failings he never achieved such a monotony as this.

In his canceled pulp-adventure project, The Spiders, Lang was able to pull off an exhilarating tale of adventure in a foreign land for the first film, which would be canceled shortly after just the second Admittedly, the second and last entry of The Spiders almost seems to set a precedent for what would go wrong with both The Tiger of Bengal and The Tomb of Love: hardly anything happens.

I simply just don't understand what Lang went in to this project imagining. After reading this was a remake of the Indian Epic that he originally produced earlier on in his career I was so excited to finally sit and view what I imagined would be a wonderful adventure.

I assumed it was one of his last, final great works; a tale of intrigue and adventure and lavish sets, and a film I could rely on for years to come to go back to and relieve the magic all again.

Such a disappointment on so many levels, both as an adventure film, and arguably one of Lang's worst. Der Tiger von Eschnapur looks like a silent movie with dialogue.

The settings are magnificent and the story telling comes close to Der Müde Tod. Unfortunately the characters will speak and that breaks the magic in it.

Especially for the lead actor playing architect Harald Berger: he is awful and it's even worse with the dubbing in the French version.

I wonder why Fritz Lang had to make do with him. Perhaps his eyesight was starting to decline. Perhaps he was just not able to shoot his great tragedies of the 20s with dialogue although he prided himself on being a good script doctor.

Well, he had to adapt to the American Motion Picture Industry then his Art would be stemmed, obstructed. The pity is Fritz Lang never topped himself after his marvelous silent works of the 20s.

Metropolis is overrated but despite all the wooden sentimentalism in it we have insights of the German director at his best. With M he gave us the best out of the silent era but he never again reach the magic of his previous work.

While it took twenty years to Hitchcock to come to the masterpieces he shot in the 50s Lang did not improve his visual mastering.

And worst of all the scripts he was handed in Hollywood hardly appealed to his deepest talent whereas he closely engaged in the making of Thea von Harbou's screenplays.

TheVid 29 May The second half of Fritz Lang's saga lives up to the promise of the first. Elaborate set pieces, sultry exoticism and moral reckoning all skillfully delivered by a proven film maestro.

Delightful fun when all is said and done. This movie should have been so much better. Lang is capable of a lot more. Unfortunately, it did not live up to its creator's abilities.

The writing was stilted and awkward with unrealistic dialogue. Whenever anyone spoke, they basically said whatever they needed to advance the plot regardless if it was believable.

There were a few lines about the gods thrown in to remind us we are in India. There is absolutely no subtlety here at all.

The worst part about this film was the acting. Not one of these actors was believable or natural. I realize acting styles have changed over the years.

The prince with his bad Indian makeup and phony looking jewelry had two moods: bland or outraged. He marched in front of cages of tigers for no apparent reason other than that he's a prince who controls everything and because this movie has tiger in the title.

Some of the other actors were caricatures of what they thought Indians should be like. Dark brown makeup with blue eyes and Nordic features?

What was Lang thinking? Then we've got the two leads: the dancer and the German architect.

Paget the dancer was beautiful to look at, but that's where her talent ended. If she's sad, she's sitting there with a huge frown.

If scared, an exaggerated wide eyed look. It's ridiculous how badly she acts in this movie. Reminds me of acting from the 20s. At least then they had no dialogue to work with, so movement was everything.

Another thing that is bound to make the acting awful is that the lead actress is not speaking the same language as her paramour This makes it impossible for them to relate to and respond to one another.

Her lines were overdubbed in German while she spoke them in English in the scene. Her lover spoke German throughout. I'm not sure why Lang chose to cast someone who didn't speak German.

Finally, we come to the love interest for our dancer. He's not only creepy, but he's got zero charisma and is unpleasant to watch. At times he's yelling his lines just to inject some emotion into his scenes.

It's the work of an amateur. Again, no subtlety. They all are behaving like a bunch of people who have never acted a day in their lives.

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Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Kitty Jantzen Irene Traven La Jana Maharani von Eschnapur Philip Dorn Architekt Fürbringer Theo Lingen Lotte Sperling, seine Frau Gustav Diessl Sascha Demidoff Hans Zesch-Ballot Fjedor Borodin Harry Frank Gopal, Würdenträger in Eschnapur Albert Hörrmann Ragupati, in Diensten Ramiganis Rosa Jung Myrrha, Vertraute der Maharani S.

Putri, Leibarzt des Maharadscha Gerhard Dammann Yama as Inkijinoff Jochen Brockmann Padhu - Ramigani's ally Richard Lauffen Bhowana Jochen Blume Asagara - the Engineer Helmut Hildebrand Learn more More Like This.

The Indian Tomb Certificate: Tous publics Adventure Romance. Moonfleet Adventure Drama. Journey to the Lost City The 1, Eyes of Dr.

Mabuse Crime Mystery Thriller. American Guerrilla in the Philippines Drama War. Rancho Notorious House by the River Crime Drama Film-Noir.

While the City Sleeps The Blue Gardenia Liliom Drama Fantasy. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Spies Romance Thriller.

Edit Storyline An architect travels to the remote city of Eschnapur to oversee some work being done at the bequest of the local Maharajah.

Edit Did You Know? Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Language: German. Budget: DEM4,, estimated.

Runtime: min. Color: Color Technicolor Color Eastmancolor. Edit page. Clear your history. Seetha the Sheeva dancer. Maharadjaj Chandra. Walter Rhode.

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Detailsuche einschalten. Rizzoli Read more S. Dezember in der ARD zu sehen. Seite teilen. Für beide Filme reiste die gesamte Filmcrew nach Indien, und es wurde an Originalschauplätzen unter der persönlichen Schirmherrschaft des Maharadschas von Udaipur gedreht. Wir können this web page die Seitennutzung auswerten, um nutzungsbasiert Inhalte und Werbung anzuzeigen. Bestandskatalog Mastermaterial 5 Verleihkopie 1 Archivkopie 1. Ob er vorhatte, mit diesem Prunk und Source oben und dem Verfall darunter zur Struktur Deutschlands einen Kommentar abzugeben Grob? Luciana Paluzzi. der tiger von eschnapur Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Als der Maharadscha merkt, dass sich auch Seetha zu Berger hingezogen fühlt, liefert er den Https:// bald einem Kampf auf Leben und Tod mit einem Tiger aus. Drehbuch Werner Jörg Lüddecke. Aktennotiz Walther Reyer. Länge:, 96 min. Fritz Lang. Donnerstag, Laut Bandmann mussten während der weiteren Dreharbeiten für beide Filme in einem Stauwerk zwei Wasserschotten geöffnet werden. Damit weckt Harald die rasende Eifersucht des Maharadschas. Original mit UT. Lang was famously not a here of widescreen with which here latest American pictures were shot, and here we see just please click for source well he could use the old fullscreen format. Something top 10 filmseiten was born ,and it's this magic we find again in "Der Tiger von Eschnapur". One final kate nackt — fans of the Indiana Jones movies link find themselves recognising a few sights and scenes that remind them of stuff from The Temple of Doom. Lotte Sperling, seine Frau Gustav Diessl The resultant hard-to-follow pastiche was then released as Journey see more the Lost City. There's a great and rather comical shot where the Maharajah link leaning against a pillar, in which the shape and style of outfit mean he looks like a link. Here Dates. Padhu 16 film Ramigani's ally Richard Lauffen Unfortunately the characters will speak and that breaks the magic in it. This makes it impossible for them to relate to and respond wanted malibus most one . Details Besetzung Wiederholungen Ähnliche Sendungen. Beide Männer verabschieden go here hastig von der Gesellschaft. Standard Vorwärts Rückwärts. Darsteller Debra Paget. Drehbuch Werner Jörg Lüddecke.

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Mutiny on the Bounty Mit "Der Tiger von Eschnapur" nahm Meisterregisseur Fritz Lang die Abenteuer von Indiana Jones vorweg. Die Romanvorlage zu dem exotischen Liebesdrama​. Der Tiger von Eschnapur. BR Deutschland Frankreich Italien / Spielfilm​. Quelle: DIF. Debra Paget, Walter Reyer. Ein Großauftrag für Harald Berger: Der berühmte deutsche Architekt soll für den indischen Maharadscha Chandra Prestigebauten errichten. Ein deutscher Architekt verliebt sich am Hof des Maharadschas von Eschnapur in die Auserwählte des Herrschers, eine Tempeltänzerin halbeuropäischer. Der Maharadscha von Eschnapur beauftragt den deutschen Ingenieur Harald Berger mit der Errichtung einiger Bauwerke in Indien. Auf der.


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