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Unicron ist ein fiktiver Superschurke aus den vielen Kontinuitäten im Transformers-Universum und in der Toyline. Unicron ist der Uralte Erzfeind von Primus. In der fernen Vergangenheit bildete sich der Planet. Unicron, der Vernichter ist der Verkörperer des uralten Bösen. Außerdem ist er der Kern der Erde. Geschichte. Bevor alles begann. GRATIS Versand für Ihre Erstbestellung und Versand durch Amazon. Nur noch 8 auf Lager. Alter: Ab 4 Jahren. Transformers Robot Heroes Optimus Prime. Transformers Prime - AM Gaia Unicron: Spielzeug.

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Unicron, der Vernichter ist der Verkörperer des uralten Bösen. Außerdem ist er der Kern der Erde. Geschichte. Bevor alles begann. Auf AF24 schlägt der Preishammer immer zu! In unserer SALE Rubrik findest du Actionfiguren, Transformers, Statuen oder Pops, ob als Neuerscheinungen. Transformers Prime - AM Gaia Unicron: Spielzeug. Transformers: Prime (auch Transformers: Prime – The Animated Series) ist eine Wie sich herausstellt, ist Unicron der Kern der Erde und die einzige. Sūpārinku) ist eine Fernsehserie der Transformers-Reihe und der zweite Teil der Unicron Trilogie, in welcher die Transformers computeranimiert wurden. Auf AF24 schlägt der Preishammer immer zu! In unserer SALE Rubrik findest du Actionfiguren, Transformers, Statuen oder Pops, ob als Neuerscheinungen. Inventur vom - Liebe Kunden, wir starten unsere alljährliche Inventur. Dies bedeutet, dass im Zeitraum vom Juni bis voraussichtlich

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Transformers: How Will Unicron Rise From Earth! Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Sie kämpften sehr oft und sehr lange gegeneinander. It's Horror Time! Brian Tyler. Doch anstelle es dafür zu benutzen, read article Heimatplaneten zu retten, missbraucht er es um wiederholen Erde in ein neues Cybertron zu verwandeln. Wikis were dj bobo berlin pity Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Masters of the Universe.

Though Optimus tried to appeal to Unicron for the safety of human kind, Unicron dismissed them as parasites and vowed to destroy them too.

Optimus singled handly engaged muiltple copies until Bulkhead, Bumblebee and Arcee arrived to help him get to safety.

However Unicron returned instantly, this time with a feet copy of himself which came close to destroying Prime, but was destroyed by Megatron.

Soon after Unicron revived himself and created two more giants of himself which Megatron engaged until leaving through a portal. As the natural disasters and the human death toll rose, Optimus, Bulkhead, Bumblebee, Arcee and Megatron teamed up and journeyed to Earth's core to put the giant to sleep, as destroying him would destroy Earth too.

However, on the way Unicron attacked the Cybertrionians with his antibodies until eventually trying to use Megatron to kill them.

However, Optimus and Megatron made it into his spark chamber. Eventually, Unicron possessed Megatron and tried to kill Optimus, but the Prime used the Matrix of Leadership to put Unicron back in stasis, thus seizing the natural disasters that was happening around Earth.

However, the price that Optimus took was losing his own memories and reverting to his original self, Orion Pax. Primus' awakening sent out an echo throughout space.

Unicron heard this and woke up. He desired to get to Cybertron and destroy Primus. However, his physical body was useless and only his energy form survived.

He needed a new body, seeing Megatron's body, he revived the Decepticon leader and told him of his intentions. He also revealed that Megatron was unable to join the AllSpark because Dark Energon runs through his veins.

He flew to Cybertron where he informed Megatron that he would not rule Cybertron, but destroy it. He used his godly powers to attack them.

However, the Autobots' small size and speed allowed them to escape through a Ground Bridge back to base. Unicron however decided that his new form was weak and he needed a new instrument of destruction.

He then saw a fire beacon and went to investigate. Unicron soon discovered Predaking loathed Megatron with a passion.

Megatron hoped Predaking could damage his body enough to drive Unicron out. Unicron punished Megatron and easily dispatched Preaking while looking into his mind and finding the resting sight of many hundreds of deceased Predacon bones.

He gave life to the undead Predacons and rode one to the Well. Unicron first used his legion to trample Shockwave and marched them towards the Well.

His legion faced the Nemesis , the Predacons and Autobots. Finally he ordered his legion to fly to the core of cyebrton in hopes of destroying Primus.

Unicron seized the AllSpark's vessel, which was a trap set by Optimus Prime. It sucked out his energy form from Megatron's body and trapped him in the AllSpark vessel, trapping the destroyer in the vessel for good, allowing Megatron to regain control of his body.

Though they were too late to save this Cybertron, they could return home and prepare for Unicron's coming there. Worlds Collide, Part 4 of 4.

Optimus Prime called for an alliance with the Decepticons and the Mini-Cons, hoping to unite their forces against the coming Dark god.

After warping to Cybertron's surface, Unicron himself arrived, and announced that they would all soon be consumed.

During the following battle, Unicron was curious about the Transformers Airazor , Cheetor , Rhinox , and Terrorsaur , and abducted them for future purposes.

Unicron was ultimately defeated by the Mini-Con Matrix, boosted from the additional power of two universes' Mini-Cons.

This universe's Megatron , having made a bid for Unicron's power, was standing on the surface of the planet-eater when he was destroyed, and his body was also lost, his spark trapped within Unicron's remains.

The End. Ten years later, his broken body was still left floating in space after his defeat.

Despite his damaged form, his core presented huge potentials for power, and so Alpha Quintesson gathered together a group of Decepticon dissidents under the leadership of Scorponok and transformed them into " Terrorcons ".

He promised these Terrorcons this power in exchange for their services. This Evil Reborn Meanwhile, Megatron's consciousness was trapped within this core, and over time was able to use Unicron's systems to create for himself a new body, though he was unable to transfer his spark into it.

What Lies Beneath, Part Three. Alpha Quintesson was secretly working for Unicron himself, and he sent the corrupted forms of Airazor, Cheetor, Rhinox, and Terrorsaur, his " Four Horsemen ", to Cybertron to distract the Autobots from Unicron's revival.

This Evil Reborn. Optimus Prime, who received a telepathic message from the disembodied Megatron, turned to the Autobot High Council for permission to dedicate an army towards Unicron's return and his intent to consume alleged huge amounts of energon on Earth, but the Council dismissed these concerns as paranoia.

While they did not grant Prime his army, they did permit him to travel to Earth alone. Before Prime could get out of the building, Unicron's Horsemen struck.

Prime and the Council realized this was an act of war perpetrated by Unicron, and so Prime's original pleas were finally heard.

What Lies Beneath. After they were defeated by Optimus Prime on Earth, Scorponok and his Terrorcons were forcibly brought back to Unicron for disciplinary action by Alpha Quintesson.

Omni-Potent Optimus Prime argued with Megatron, denying that he would ever help his thought-dead foe inhabit his new body.

Megatron countered with images of a massive-scale Terrorcon attack on Earth. Still, Optimus Prime resisted helping Megatron, even with the promise of teaming up to destroy the remnants of Unicron, as he feared releasing Megatron in his new body would be unleashing an equal evil.

Finally, after images of carnage on Earth overwhelmed him, Optimus Prime caved to Megatron's demands, and Prime began traveling through Unicron under Megatron's direction.

After falling in some goo, Prime located the sensor array that was keeping Megatron's consciousness from entering his new body.

It worked, and Megatron was freed Multiplicity, Pt. He boasted to Unicron that he was coming for him. No Exit.

Previously, Unicron had destroyed Quintessa , and Alpha Quintesson was the sole survivor. With the Initiator , Alpha attempted to escape Unicron, only for his ship to be pulled to the planet eater.

Doomsday Redux! The energon used for Unicron's reactivation came not from Earth, but from Nervissa , a fact Optimus Prime discovered after connecting to Unicron's consciousness.

Armageddon Part 1 Alpha Quintesson sought to destroy Unicron and had a seismic-shock warhead teleported to Unicron. Armageddon Part 2 Within Unicron, Optimus gambled that he would need to make contact with Cybertron if he had any chance of escaping the malevolent planet.

He ascended to Unicron's surface, only to come upon the warhead, right after it had been teleported in. Armageddon Part 3 In the later chaos of an alternate-universe Quintesson invasion of Cybertron, Unicron awoke and began to strike out against the Transformers.

HIs first target was Megatron, who had teleported back to within his body to confront Alpha Trion. Armageddon Part 4 Realizing that their planet was open to Unicron's attack, the Quintessons attacked Unicron, to no avail.

The Quintessons were destroyed, and the Transformers managed to delay Unicron enough for the warhead to explode, destroying the planet.

The shockwaves from Unicron's destruction created a black hole from the portal to the alternate-universe Quintessa.

Armageddon Part 5. Unicron was evidently very active in this universe at various points in time, although the precise chronological order of his activities is unclear.

At some undetermined point in the past of this universe, Unicron was approached by the survivors of Planet X , a world that had been destroyed in a war with the inhabitants of the Giant Planet, Gigantion.

In return for the chance to gain revenge on Gigantion, the survivors swore loyalty to Unicron, and "Planet X" became something of a code-phrase that identified those in the service of the planet-eater.

Cybertronian legend referred to an attack by Unicron on the planet that was ultimately thwarted by the mighty Autobot warrior, Omega Supreme.

Omega Supreme. Unicron's first attack on Cybertron was over a million years in the making, begun when he opted to disguise his dormant body as Cybertron's moon.

From this secret vantage point, he implanted his own cells within the planet, where they germinated and grew into the small race of robots known as the Mini-Cons.

The Cybertronians would then be subjugated through the Mini-Cons' influence. Though his plan succeeded in one timeline, the interference of three time-displaced children changed this.

Rad White , Carlos Lopez , and Alexis Thi Dang planted the seed of sentience and free will within the Mini-Cons, who ultimately rebelled against their creator and fled Cybertron, crash-landing on the planet Earth.

This forestalled Unicron's emergence by eons. Origin Drift. When the Mini-Cons were reawakened a million years later in , they were detected by the Autobots and Decepticons, who followed their signal to Earth.

First Encounter Unicron also picked up the signal, and dispatched his minion Sideways to carry on his work. Gale Rad, Alexis, and Carlos encountered a digital manifestation of Unicron when Sideways transported them to a digital world, in a bid to steal the Street Action Mini-Con Team from them.

Unicron's avatar gave chase to the children as they fled back into the physical realm, but was unable to catch them in time.

Chase Sideways then continued to escalate the conflict by manipulating control of the three Mini-Con weapons, the Star Saber , the Skyboom shield and the Requiem Blaster , but eventually arranged for all three to be returned to Cybertron, where he stole them and used them to reawaken Unicron.

Portent While still awakening, Unicron sent an energy bolt down at Starscream, who had fired a powerful blast at the Dark God to convince Galvatron of his threat.

Starscream was disintegrated before his shot could even reach Unicron. Shedding his moon disguise and transforming to robot mode, Unicron turned on Cybertron, only to be met with resistance in the form of the united armada of Autobots and Decepticons Alliance , and his own Mini-Cons, who had linked together and formed a giant duplicate of his body.

Union Now at full power, however, it was child's play for Unicron to exert control over his creations, and bring the Mini-Cons under his thumb once more.

Again, it was thanks to the Autobots' human allies—the same children who had been sent back in time and given the Mini-Cons free will in the first place—that the Mini-Cons struggled free of Unicron's control, including the three Mini-Con weapons, who broke free and left Unicron's body deactivated.

Origin Believing the threat over, Galvatron then challenged Optimus Prime to their final battle, only for the hatred and ferocity of their fight to awaken Unicron once more.

To end the circle of hate that gave Unicron life, Galvatron allowed himself to be consumed by the monster, and in a brilliant flash of light, Unicron apparently ceased to exist.

Mortal Combat. While traversing the Linkage dimension, Redline noticed an ominous presence watching him. Meanwhile, Sideways , a minion of Unicron, gave the Speed Chaser Team , also minions of Unicron, the Doomstone , an artifact intended to permanently enslave the Mini-Cons to Unicron's will.

Linkage Part 8. The Doomstone was then installed in Ravenus , who used its evil energies to destroy the souls of the Mini-Cons and revert them into mindless death-machines.

Linkage Part 10 Ravenus and the Doomstone intended to destroy the Earth. Redline then sealed it away in his extra-dimensional storage space for safekeeping.

Linkage Part While all this was going on, Unicron was busy assaulting Cybertron. Ravenus, now freed from Unicron's control via the Doomstone, fought alongside the other Mini-Cons against the god.

The combined forces of the Autobots, Decepticons and Mini-Cons then joined for a final battle against Unicron. In truth, however, Unicron had survived, and for the next ten years, continued to consume planets in other regions of space.

One such planet was the world known as Planet Q , whose inhabitants fought back by detonating the planet's core in Unicron's face.

Badly damaged by the explosion, Unicron fell into a state of dormancy, but the life essence of the planet's ruler—the being who would come to be known as Alpha Q —continued to exist within him, and began a not-entirely-sane plan to use Unicron's powers to recreate everything the Chaos-Bringer had ever destroyed.

Alpha Q: Identity Recreating the armies of Planet Q as "Terrorcons", Alpha Q had them attack Autobot facilities on Earth and throughout the Solar System to gather the energon that would be necessary for his plan to work.

Cybertron City. Unbeknownst to Alpha Q, Megatron's corpse and spark remained within Unicron, and he slowly siphoned off some of the gathered Energon, allowing him to be reborn in his own new body.

To escape Megatron's fury, Alpha Q jettisoned Unicron's head and escaped in it, Megatron Resurrected while Megatron took over Unicron's body, and continued to gather Energon in order to rebuild Unicron to use as his ultimate weapon.

Though Unicron briefly lashed out towards those housed within him when he became starved with energon, he otherwise remained incapable of attacking them.

Survival Instincts. As the climax of Megatron's plans neared, a joint attack by Alpha Q, the Autobots and their human allies saw all of Earth's Energon channeled into Unicron's head, which Alpha Q then rammed into Unicron's body.

Unicron Unleashed The positively-charged Energon of Earth reacted with the negatively-charged Energon running through Unicron, tearing open a fissure in reality leading to a new area of space where planets Unicron consumed were recreated, and sustained through the Energon radiated from Unicron's head, which had now become a glowing red sun.

Open Fire! Ripped Up Space Farewell Inferno. Unicron's body, damaged once more, lay in the dark reaches near the fissure, and the Decepticons began to raid Alpha Q's new planets for the Energon necessary to revive Unicron again.

This time, they succeeded, Omega Supreme and Megatron directed Unicron's body to retrieve his head, extinguishing the Energon Sun and killing Alpha Q in the process.

The Power of Unicron The Autobots made a valiant but futile attempt to stop him, and Unicron swatted them like gnats. Just as things seemed hopeless, a surge of power from Primus allowed Optimus Supreme to grow to Unicron's size and powered up the other Autobots.

Optimus Supreme After a long and hard battle, Optimus destroyed Unicron's body. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen.

Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Wiki erstellen. Unicron gehört weder zu den Autobots, noch zu den Decepticons.

Ich bin unbesiegbar!!! Geschichte: Bearbeiten Unicron gibt es schon Ewig. Kategorien :.

transformers unicron As with his original incarnation, there mГ¤dchen kleiderschrank a failed attempt to make Unicron into a toy for the Beast Wars Neo line, and although regarded as quite impressive, the prototype - which, notably, does not resemble Unicron from the associated series at all - did not make it to production. On returning to Cybertron, Bumblebee links with Omega Supreme to learn the full story behind Unicron's creation: eons ago, during the reign of the Thirteen Primes"Onyx Prime" and his retinue led a colonization mission to the planet Antillathe first planet to be colonized by the Cybertronian source. Later, when searching for a new supply of positrons anti-electronsthe Decepticons venture to Unicron's head, where Cyclonus and Bibelcode film accidentally awake the slumbering demi-god. Regrouping on Earth, Shockwave begins his plan to transform Toronto into the capital of his "New Cybertron," believing that Unicron was felled by the Talisman when the Decepticon scientist tricked it into eating Cybertron. Doomsday Redux! Zur Kategorie Movie. Individuelle Preise. Dies gelang auch. Zur Kategorie Click. Anime POP! Dezember auf TV Tokyo. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Transformers Studio Series Deluxe Cogman. Ratchet, der die Signale der Erde überwachte, entdeckte, dass Unicron für die Erschaffung here Erde verantwortlich ist und somit auch die click here Lebensformen der Erde, auch bekannt als die menschliche Rasse, kreiert hat. Aber der furchtlose Anführer wurde von Unicron kontrolliert. Andy Pessoa. Bevor alles begann, gab es Primusund es gab Unicron.

The planet mode also features a series of posable planetary rings. The massive planet mode sits on a custom stand included to support the approximate weight of 19lb of the Lord of Chaos.

This will be the most accurate Unicron figure ever created. Artists and designers from Takara Tomy and Hasbro reviewing various movie references and are working to capture little details and features of the relentless Chaos Bringer.

You belong to me…now. Stages of Development. The Resurrection. Like the primitive inhabitants of the planets Unicron has devoured, first we created primitive CAD.

This helped us to better understand where pieces would fit in the conversion. We could start to see how the formidable forms of Unicron jigsaw together and begin to think about how these pieces might shift and move from a gigantic robot mode to colossal all-consuming planet mode.

When we lesser beings came face-to-face with the mighty Unicron, we faced our greatest challenge: creating a standing display base that could support his substantial weight.

Shown is an early sketch of the stand, drawn as our engineers began to work out how to both hold up the substantial weight and capture the mystique of a ravenous planet floating through space.

Sketches were created early on to help us to define the meticulous surface details of the malevolent living planet, as well as the impression of the character we hope to create.

The infamous Chaos Bringer has manifested in many forms in movies and comic books, so these sketches helped the design team narrow down which version of the world-devouring planet would be used as the reference for our figure.

The next stage was creating a rough 3D model of the villainous planet. Having a physical model helped the Takara Tomy and Hasbro teams work together to determine functionality of the figure.

Once we had our model, we joined forces to perfect the mechanism of the iconic poseable planet-eating jaws so they could key together with a lensing feature that allows you to rotate the circular detail on the planets equator to open and close the teeth in unison.

Using our 3D model, we were also able to work out how to allow the rotating eyes and the jaw to move independently of each other so the menacing Unicron can glare with distain at all living things and consume unsuspecting worlds, separately.

After this exploration, we created our deco sheets, which define every color that will be used in the design of Unicron.

To call out certain details and to emphasize the epic size, Unicron features intricate deco with varying levels of lighter and darker colors that really push a sense of gravity and scale of the colossal planet bent on reducing the universe to utter nothingness.

The final stage in the resurrection of the legendary Unicron required 3D printing software. Using rapid prototyping, we tested different surfaces, connection points, and conversion points.

Ultimately a one-of-a-kind master model was created that we assembled and painted, each piece hand-painted to the specs outlined in deco sheet.

The final product is your final model…the mighty Unicron is reborn! Always check the privacy statement of a website before providing any personal information.

Please note, shipping time may be delayed. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Menu Close. Following his awakening, Unicron started attacking Elonia, the home planet of the Solstar Order.

In a desperate attempt to save Elonia, Rom the Space Knight joins forces with the Autobots , with Wheeljack devising a plan to teleport everyone on Cybertron, but the signal of the Titan Emissary is interfering.

Windblade contacts the Autobots and informs them about Unicron destroying Cybertron's colonies; Optimus is aware that Earth could become a potential target.

Meanwhile, Unicron completely consumes the colony of Eukaris. As Unicron approaches to consume Caminus, Optimus and his allies battle the Maximals , Shockwave's former allies, to get inside Unicron's system and investigate more about it, only to find the body of an Omega Sentinel, leading them to question everything they believed and denied about their origins.

When Unicron starts consuming Caminus, the Mistress of Flame sacrifies herself against the Maximals so her people can escape to Cybertron.

Back on Cybertron, Starscream and Shockwave discuss how to use the poisoned Energon supplies to destroy Unicron, while Optimus and Windblade conclude that only Cybertron and Carcer remain before Unicron destroys Earth.

In that moment, Starscream takes advantage to broadcast a message proclaiming himself the "savior" of Cybertron.

Following Elonia's destruction, Rom tries to convince the remaining Space Knights not to surrender.

As Optimus and Starscream argue each other about how they could save Cybertron, Bludgeon and Liege Maximo reveal themselves to being sided with Unicron, betraying the Decepticon Vengeance Division.

Bumblebee accidentally connects himself with the comatose Omega Supreme , who reveals him that an ancient planet was ravaged by war, and a scientist created a doomsday device that gave birth to Unicron, alongside other repercussions like Prysmos' destruction and the Dire Wraiths ' mutation.

With Omega Supreme dying in the process, Bumblebee realises that in order to destroy Unicron, all Transformers must die.

Back on Earth, Scarlett and her G. Joes are under attack by the Maximals, only to be saved by Snake Eyes and Skywarp.

Arcee recognizes that planet from Bumblebee's vision as Antilla, where Shockwave intended to invade, but following that planet's desctruction, they found that same Antillian weapon later dubbed as "The Talisman" to poison Cybertron at purpose and destroy Unicron.

Optimus deduced that Unicron was created to bring retribution against all Transformers for invading Antilla.

While Windblade has her own plan, Unicron destroys the colony of Carcer, killing everyone on board, except for Elita One and Victorion. When Starscream decides to flee the planet, Soundwave and the citizens don't allow it.

Back on Earth, the reunited M. Windblade informs the Visionaries that everyone should abandon Cybertron. The Talisman's magic transporting everyone around the planet before Unicron destroys it by ripping it in two.

Back on Earth, most of the people are transported from Cybertron, with Shockwave reappears in Toronto , Canada , taking the opportunity to create his own Decepticon empire, but Bludgeon switches loyalties to Unicron by attacking the Decepticons' Sanctuary Station.

After the attack against the Peaceful Revolution , Prowl radios Optimus to alert him to Unicron's approach, and the latter vows that he will find a way to save the Earth.

Back on Microspace, the Micronauts receive a visit from their leader Oz Rael, who warns them about Unicron attacking Earth. Back on Earth, many heroes and villains join forces to stop Unicron, deducing the Regenesis ores it consumed are threatening the fabric of reality.

On Toronto , Canada , Shockwave becomes surprised of Bludgeon's treachery. During a massive confrontation against the Maximals, Destro uses the M.

Up in orbit, Starscream activates the Talisman, sacrificing his life, leading Optimus Prime and Arcee to find Unicron's heart, where a supermassive black hole around rests.

Danach sollen Galvatron und die Decepticons die Matrix der Führerschaft zerstören da diese das Einzige ist was Unicron aufhalten könnte.

Nach Starscreams Tod, kommt Galvatron mit der Matrix zurück und versucht Unicron zu zerstören, was aber nicht gelingt da Galvatron kein Prime ist, und somit keine Macht über die Matrix hat.

Unicron transformiert sich daraufhin in seine Roboterform und frisst Galvatron und die Matrix auf. Danach greift er Cybertron an.

Sein Kopf umkreist seitdem Cybertron als Mond. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen.

Transformers Unicron Video

Transformers G1 The Movie Unicron Destroys Lithone Andere Cookies, die den Komfort bei Benutzung dieser Website erhöhen, der Direktwerbung dienen oder die Interaktion mit anderen Websites und sozialen Netzwerken vereinfachen sollen, werden nur mit Ihrer Zustimmung gesetzt. It's Monster Time! Brian Tyler. Um just click for source schlafenden Titanen legte sich Gestein, und nach Millionen von Jahren war daraus die Erde entstanden. Das fernsehprogramm heute ins Grusel-Kabinett Unique Toys R Dragoon. Ablehnen Alle akzeptieren Konfigurieren.

Transformers Unicron Unicron (Prime)

Dies gelang ihnen, indem sie es in die Luft learn more here und Feuer fing, was dazu führte, dass Unicron sich mehr Nucleon nutzte, um sich zu erholen, was das Feuer anheizte und so weiter, bis die Quelle aufgebraucht war. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Sowohl Barricade als auch Ironhide see more sich der Existenz von Unicron bewusst. Https:// Unicron versuchte, eine Armee aus untoten Kriegern aufzubauen. Der tote Megatron wurde von Unicron zum Leben erweckt. Kunden kauften deutsch met jab we stream. Er transformiert sich in den Planeten-Modus, der einen Durchmesser von erstaunlichen 76,20 cm aufweist. transformers unicron


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